Community-Based Movements

CBM Inc., leverages our over combined 40 years of  leadership in sport, education, community and organizational development to consult and empower individuals, families and teams to maximize their gifts and  strengthen their community engagement and impact. 



We work with players, coaches, teams and clubs in private lessons, group trainings and camps to grow the physical and mental capacity of players and coaches to positively impact their teams and clubs while providing greater value to their community.


We seek to empower parents to provide a tailor-made educational experience for their children, and empower children with opportunities to develop and showcase their interests and skills.  We provide opportunities for families to gather within the local home-educating community to provide a social outlet for both children and parents.  

Organizational and Community Development

We work with charities to help them take the next step in developing their leaders and organizations so that their work has the greatest possible value and community impact. We also seek to gather the community together through various events that promote sustainability, the arts, and more.

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